There is history everywhere

Seen on our walk to the ATM near the Tower of London…

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The Tower Bridge

We walked across the famed Tower Bridge.

An impressive sight.

Of course, Barbara had to get a picture by the sign…

It’s a busy bridge both the pedestrian side and the car side. We chose not to join the crowds going up into the tower.

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A stroll along the River Thames

Our first full day in London…. our rest day to get over jet lag…. was actually quite active. We didn’t get an early start, but we made a full day of it starting with train rides to town where we had to improvise due to closures for maintenance. There are lots of workers along the system; wearing bright vests; who are there to help lost tourists so we did fine.

Lots of people all around our destination even though it was Friday so, presumably, a work day.

Stan with the Tower Bridge behind him.

The Tower Bridge from a distance.

Barbara with the Tower Bridge behind her and the Tower of London across the river Thames.

Stan, again, with the Tower of London across the river.

Stan considering having fish and chips at ‘The Horniman’…. hmmmm…. hand battered… hmmmmm.

There is quite a contrast between the new (and many oddly shaped) buildings and the buildings from times of old. The bow of the boat in the river is the HMS Belfast that is open for tours.

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Our home for the first 2 nights in London

Stan Outside our building.

The breakfast room with the courtyard and more cottage rooms through the double doors at the back. The Britannia Inn in Ilford is much larger that it appears.

Full breakfast…. no need to eat again before supper….

Hmmmmm….. palt and sepper????

Our hotel stay was surprisingly comfortable and breakfast was great. It quickly became home…

Oh, another little factoid… the pile of toilet paper was unexpected, but it appears that each roll is not as big as one would think….. they don’t last very long especially when used as tissue as well…… lol

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4 Thieves Oil

Started our travel adventures with Gramma Barbie just getting over a nasty cold and Stan having a ‘man’ cold….. brought along an old remedy…. hoping all the hype is true……..

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Calgary International Airport

Here we sit for 6 hours waiting for our 8 hour flight to London…. this adventure has begun….

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My next adventure is about to begin

I have neglected this site for long enough – never did finish my blog about our medical mission to La Florida…. it was a interesting time and an adventure I would like to repeat…
My next adventure is a trip overseas to visit Paris, London, tour Great Britain and Ireland then attend a wedding in Scotland. Thanks to my niece I am moving my plans forward and taking a 7 week trip that will include attending her wedding. This time I will be travelling with my childhood sweetheart and now husband….. what could be better…. I will try to keep up with entries so you can share it with us………………

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