Cloistered Convent


I visited a monastery with a cloistered convent. It was really interesting. There was a talking room through which the nuns could visit with family 5 times a year. They talked through a double lattice and touching was not allowed. Another nun was there as a listening nun to make sure the conversation was appropriate. There was also a turning cupboard through which ‘appropriate’ items could be passed. Most of the time, as the picture says, they lived in silence. During common meals, one nun stood in a pulpit and read from the bible while everyone ate in silence.

Part of this convent was restored and opened to the public as a museum in1970. There is still an active group of nuns in part of the convent…it was the size of a small town. There are still 24 nuns and one of them is 100 years old. At it’s height there were about 170 and each full fledged nun had their own house and one to two servants. The houses were quite elaborate. I will post a few pictures.

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I am first and foremost young at heart. I am proud to be a mother and grandmother. I was a registered nurse since graduating from BCIT in 1974 until retirement in 2021. I am now a self employed hypnotherapist.
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