Lake Titticacca


Now, don’t get excited…..I know this picture is upside down! I just wanted you to see the shape of the lake that gave it it’s name. You probably have not chewed any coca leaves today so I will explain. The Qechuen people first saw this lake from an altitude of around 6000 meters – a great height without trees in the way to limit their vision. Now take a look at the small tag on body of water at what is now the top…..a rabbit perhaps? Then look at the larger body of water ‘pouncing” on that poor little rabbit…a puma perhaps? Titticaca means puma stone.

About Gramma Barbie

I am first and foremost young at heart. I am proud to be a mother and grandmother. I was a registered nurse since graduating from BCIT in 1974 until retirement in 2021. I am now a self employed hypnotherapist.
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