Brass plaque at the Koricancha or Temple of the Sun


The large oval near the  top of the plaque is how the Inca’s portrayed their supreme god.   Since no on had ever seen this god, what he looked like was unknown.  In one of the cathedrals, there was a stone in this shape placed there by the Inca workers to represent their god.  They also painted pictures of Mary with a body in the shape of a mountain because to the Inca, mountains often were seen to contain Apus or demi gods.  One such picture had her holding Jesus and there was a snake on her dress under him.  Some of the halos were also either sun’s rays or moon rays.  They had a lot of ways on putting their religious symbols into the churches they built for the Spaniards.

Cedar trees were all but eliminated from Peru as the Spaniards used them to build their cathedrals so they imported Eucyliptus trees which they are harvesting at a fast rate now trying to eliminate them because they use up too much of the nutrition in the ground and are crowding out the native plants.

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