Some Pictures of Food I was Treated to at School

Papa Jose waiting for the women to join him at the table so he could dig into the wonderful paella prepared by mama Carmen for my last lunch at school.  A special treat.
 It was, as Eli taught me to say in Spanish, ‘esta para chuparse los dedos’ (finger lickin’ good)….

Fani politely waiting for me to serve myself so she can enjoy her mother’s wonderful cooking. 

My plate….first helping….one was not enough. 

Wonderful fresh fruit from the orchards accompanied every meal.  In Hawaii I was told that guava is only good as juice. Not true.  It is great with a little honey drizzled on it.

I totally loved the fresh higos (figs) so there were always lots on the tray.  They worried that I did not eat enough, but I  left the table stuffed after every meal.

A great meal of Spanish Tortilla, muscles in a wonderful tomato sauce, and humus.   If you like potatoes, you will love Spanish Tortillas. 

The salads were wonderful combinations of fruits and vegetables. The dressing was fresh lemon squeezed directly over it and olive oil drizzled over it.  Absolutely delicious.  The flavours of the salad were not overwhelmed by the dressing; they were enhanced by it.

Fish fresh from the sea to the table via the frying pan.  Finger food….with a fresh from the orchards to the table salad.

A salad decoratively displayed on a platter instead of in a bowl.   Very attractive and delicious. 

Eli and Fani at the evening meal of cold ‘every vegetable’ soup with tapas.

A delicious potato and ribbon dish.

Preparing the fish.

Teamwork in the kitchen.

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I am first and foremost young at heart. I am proud to be a mother and grandmother. I was a registered nurse since graduating from BCIT in 1974 until retirement in 2021. I am now a self employed hypnotherapist.
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