Alcazar Palace and Gardens 

There was absolutely no way to see how enormous the Alcazar Palace and Gardens were from the outside.   The above overview gives you some indication of how surprising large the area is.  Pretty much all of the green area is within it’s walls. You could get lost in there. In fact, I might have gotten lost in the maze garden if they hadn’t left an opening that I don’t think was originally there.

The front wall surrounding the palace and Gardens is rather imposing, but looks a little phoney.  It reminds me of the Medieval Times restaurants.  However, there were constant lines to get in so I decided to have a look.

Fancy arches surrounding the large courtyard.

A courtyard still in disrepair that is not open to the public.

Many ceilings in these palaces are incredibly intricate.

One room was filled with huge beautiful paintings . 

Another life-size painting.

Another room was full of huge tapestries.

It’s hard to fathom how these were created.  They are very detailed and precise.

One room was a display of the intricate tile work.

The gardens were varied from plain to very elaborate . 

The English Garden was the most park like.

A fountain in the English Garden . 

A pagoda and pond.

Some areas did not have paths through tgem.

The labyrinth . 

The large fountain and pond as you enter the gardens from the palace . 

The covered walkway along the main way.  great views of the gardens from there.

There were several of these huge trees with beautiful flowers.

There were surprises around every corner of the gardens.

There was a lot to see.  I am sure I could have wondered for hours and not seen everything . 

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